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Thrive Science

2015 Groundbreaking Work That Assisted People with Disabilities:

The goal is to drive innovation, ideas, attitudes that lead to exponential development of technologies and socioeconomic strategies that would assist people with disabilities to function as fluidly within all levels in both the workplace and outside the workplace. Below are examples of Groundbreaking work in 2015.

1. Communication: The concept and development of "CC" on YouTube videos via Google

2. Human Health: ThirdEye for assisting Visually Impaired population to see:

3. Environmental: Whill, the innovative wheelchair for getting around the outdoor environment, advertised as: "Your Life Without Disruption." Also "moves seamlessly throughout your life and goes effortlessly where you want to go."

4. Emotional: Liftware by Google, advertised as: "Eat With Confidence Again" to assist stabilizing movenets of the hands while eating meals.

5. Genetics: Spark Therapeutics is a "developer of gene therapy products for the treatment of debilitating diseases, including inherited retinal dystrophies, such as LCA. Spark's lead gene therapy candidate is for the treatment of RPE65-related blindness." restores-some-vision-in-clinical-trials-for-leber-congenital-amaurosis-lca/12

Examples of Groundbreaking Work that were envisioned when Thriving Table, Inc. started.

In discussing the 5 categories the co-founders envisioned the following sample recipients. Additional samples from the corporate and individuals are welcomed.

1. Human Health: Several laboratories at Universities and Corporations have investigated potential cures for hearing loss that apply revolutionary methods. These efforts have enabled individuals with a variety of hearing losses to have the potential to communicate and interact with the rest of the hearing population on equal footing.

2. Quality of Communication: Facebook: This company has made groundbreaking advances in our quality of communication, allowing individuals and groups to connect for the first time and reconnect over a span of many years on a global scale. Importantly, Facebook has allowed populations with a range of disabilities to communicate equally with others, regardless of other challenges.

3. Emotional Well-Being: Lean In: The founder of Lean In has been recognized as one of the world’s top-level networkers. Through her connections and access, Lean In founder has used her voice to fuel the modern women's movement. Also, she had made herself available for mentoring and teaching women how to speak out and be treated equal to the male counterparts.

4. Environment Well-Being: Japan. The Kyoto treaty served as a starting point for the countries to work together to reduce our carbon footprint.

5. Genetic Conservation and Improvement: One of the two brothers that owns Ni'ihau, one of the Hawai'ian islands. His life work on the island has involved maintaining the genetic diversity of plant species. Many species of plants across the world have become extinct. This brother has devoted his time and energy preserving remaining plant species. This has enabled the systematic identification of the undocumented plant species and led to potential discovery of new pharmaceutical compounds.